glora led bulb

Glora Bulb

Enjoy great brightness with energy saving.

Wattage : 3W,5W,7W,12W,15W

Product Technical Specification

Product Series Glora Series
Rated Wattage 3W,5W,7W,12W,15W
Input Voltage 140V-265V AC, 50Hz
Lumen Output >100 Lm/W
Operating Temperature 0°C + 45°C
Surge Upto 3Kv
Color Cool White


  • Upto 90% Energy Saving.
  • Longevity.
  • Optimal Durability.
  • High Light Intensity.
  • Superior Finishing.


  • Indoor lighting.
  • Outdoor Lighting.
  • Office Lighting.
  • Commercial Complex.
  • Hotels.

  • Pre-Tested Lumen

    Each light source is tested for its luminous intensity and uniformity across a solid angle that consumes the least energy.

  • 2 Years Warranty

    Our products are covered with a replacement warranty of 2 years, available at no charge.