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Lighting The Nation

Barq is one of the renowned and trusted LED Products Manufacturers in India.

Barq Lighting’s extensive and comprehensive portfolio offers complete lighting solutions for residential, commercial and outdoor applications for varied budgets without compromising on quality and reliability – whether it is LED Bulbs, Tubelights, Panel Lights, Street Lights. Our product range extends to consumer lighting, industrial lighting, as well as Institutional requirements.

Why You Should

Switch to Barq


No mercury, energy saving, less heat and long life. LED is the most environmentally friendly light source other than sunlight.


Energy cost of LED light source is 10 times less than traditional light source.


Efficiency of up to 90% while traditional tube light, panel light waste 98% of their energy producing heat and not light.


The LED emits a wide spectrum of light sources and is adaptable for most common lighting applications.